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We are pleased to be able to offer the opportunity for you to list cattle for sale, upcoming private sales, bull test sales, meetings and other notifications you feel may benefit Red Angus breeders. The list of items below has been evaluated for accuracy and content. If you would like to submit something to post to our bulletin board, please contact Amy Weinreich at aweinreich@aol.com.

heifers in lot

Bulletin Board

Registered Red Angus bulls for sale.  18mos and yearlings--AI and ET.   EPD's for growth, calving ease and milk.  Sires include Red Spread, Norseman King, Fat Tony and Full Throtle.  Can provide pictures.  Will work with you on delivery.   $1800-2500

Gary Ramsey
Pelton Hills Farm/Fingerboard Farm
11545 Fort Valley Rd
Fort Valley,  VA 22652